• Schumann Alloys LLC
  • 22500 Alexander Road, Bedford, Ohio 44146
  • Phone 440.439.2300
With a strong commitment to quality …we inspect and test all material at several levels during material processing.

Purchasing & Selling

At Schumann Alloys, we work with a wide range of reliable suppliers to source quality materials. We service the scrap metal recycling industry, industrial plants and manufacturers, contractors and the demolition industry.

With a strong commitment to quality, our highly-skilled work force inspects and tests all material at several levels during our material processing. Our strict quality control program ensures that the specifications of all our customer shipments are met.

Scrap Metals and Alloys

Schumann Alloys purchases, sells and brokers Scrap Metals and Alloys in solid and turnings form. Typical items are listed below. For daily quotes, please visit our Contact Us page.

  • Cupro-Nickels and Monels
  • Copper, Brass and Bronze
  • Stainless Steels – We purchase all grades of stainless steel with an emphasis on –
    • Type 302/304
    • Type 301
    • Type 201
    • Type 316 and 316 L
    • Type 409/410
    • Type 430
    • Type 17/4
    • Duplex 2005
    • Nickel Irons
    • Ni Resist
    • Ni Resist 1
    • Ni Resist 2
    • Ni Resist 5
  • Nickel Alloys
  • We purchase, sell and broker scrap metal
  • and alloys in solid and turnings form.