• Schumann Alloys LLC
  • 22500 Alexander Road, Bedford, Ohio 44146
  • Phone 440.439.2300
With state of the art equipment we meet the specific processing requirements of our customers which define our quality standards.


With state of the art equipment, Schumann Alloys is equipped to sort, shear, saw or briquette scrap metal in addition to providing secure destruction of sensitive proprietary parts and materials. We deliver our Alloys promptly in suitable packaging.

We are equipped to process oversize non-ferrous metals such as propellers, valves, tanks and other large fabricated units. Our equipment for processing oversize units includes the use of a large electric saw, hydraulic alligator and guillotine style shears, in addition to a stationary jib crane. The use and availability of our large equipment is unusual for non-ferrous operations.

The specific processing requirements of our consumers define our quality standards. Schumann Alloys provides foundry and mill consumers with accurate metallurgical and physical specifications.

  • We deliver our alloys promptly
  • in suitable packaging.